Nicer Dicer Plus

RS 999

What is Nicer Dicer Plus:

The nicer dicer plus / Salad chef is a multi chopper and perfect companion of your kitchen. A kitchen tool that helps to make your cooking easy. It comes with large size container that have 1.5 ltr capacity to store and serve fruits and vegetables. You need to press lid to cut food, different types of stainless steel grills helps to cut food in a variety of way. With the help of 5 different extensions, you can cut foods in 11 different methods. You can use this kitchen tool to slice, dice, cut, shred, squeeze, divide into 4 and 8 parts and to make cubes. Each grill gives you an option to cut foods in different sizes and in different ways; like you can cut food in 4 and 8 parts. The included grater is perfect for carrots, cucumbers and potatoes. the best part of this Nicer dicer plus / salad chef is that it comes with air tight locking lid that can use on the container to lock the freshness of cut food for later use.


  • Excellent combination of quality plastic and stainless steel blades.
  • perfect for slicing dicing and wedging.
  • Have ability to replace large processor, blender, chopper.
  • Easy to detach and clean and safe to use.
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